Mike Kelly DJ & Producer
Mike Kelly DJ & Producer

Productions & Remixes



-Voltaxx & Mike Kelly & Ben Manson – It's Gotta Be Fat (Sorry Shoes 2017)

Voltaxx & Mike Kelly – Hairy Venusian Mango Eaters (Vamos Music 2016)

-Voltaxx & Mike Kelly & Amanda Louise – Chemistry (+ Just Hear, David R Maddocks Rmxs) (Baroque 2016)

-Voltaxx & Mike Kelly & Eastnwest feat. Sua Amoa - I'm In Lust (Whore House 2015)

-Voltaxx & Mike Kelly - Hydraulic Wonk (2015 Jungle Tekk)

-Voltaxx & Mike Kelly - Dysphoria (+remixes DFormation, The NightOwls) (Sorry Shoes, 2014)
-Unik & Mike Kelly feat Natalie Gauci & Dylan Naylor - Wine Glasses, Fading Light (Sorry Shoes, 2014)
-Danny Hilton, Marc Molas Carol, Mike Kelly - Loving You (For The Last Time) (Sorry Shoes, 2014)
-Mike Kelly & Dylan Naylor - Allegro Pizzicato (+Jean Philips rmx) (Sorry Shoes, 2014)
-Mike Kelly & Natalie Gauci - Sunlight In Fog (+Ash Roy, Bruno Kauffmann rmxs) (Sorry Shoes, 2014)

-Voltaxx & Mike Kelly feat Natalie Gauci - Part Time Lover (+Ilya Averyanov, Ivan Gomez & Nacho Chapado, Chris Bekker rmxs) (Sorry Shoes, 2012)

-Jean Philips & Mike Kelly vs Thomas Penton - Late Night In The Main Room (Baroque, 2011)
-Giese & Mike Kelly - My Brain (+Miss Nine rmx) (925 Digital, 2011)

-Jean Philips & Mike Kelly - Tisgo (There Is Something Going Off) (+mike hiratzka & d:fuse, unik, komm_unity rmxs) (Sorry Shoes, 2009)
-Jean Philips & Mike Kelly - On Demand (+Ismael Rivas Rmx) (Plastic Fantastic, 2009)


-Bruno Kauffmann - Wash Away (voltaxx & mike kelly rmx) (Sorry Shoes)

-Emrock & Dylan Naylor - Strings Of Sunrise (voltaxx & mike kelly rmx) (S2G)
-Leomeo - Lucky Star (voltaxx & mike kelly rmx) (Blast)
-Daniele D'Alessandro - Lovin' Me (voltaxx & mike kelly rmx) (Sorry Shoes)
-Groove Phenomenon - The Sun (voltaxx & mike kelly rmx) (Dance Of Toads)
-Sean Norvis "Beautiful Love" (mike kelly rmx) (Spread Your Legs)
-Paulini "Air It Out" (Voltaxx & Mike Kelly rmx) EMI
-Gallo & Alaia - Alive (giese & mike kelly rmx) TAKTICAL
-Alma Matris "Circuito" (mike kelly, dylan naylor, eastnwest & jr cologne rmx) MANTRA VIBES
-Oliver M "Groovebird" (mike kelly flight zone mix) SORRY SHOES
-Eddie Coulter "Press Go" (giese & mike kelly feat dylan naylor rmx) SORRY SHOES
-Oliver M "Groovebird" (voltaxx & mike kelly rmx) SORRY SHOES
-Omar Cito Perez & Ben Orsound "Avalancha" (mike kelly & dylan naylor low end lovers rmx) SUPERMARKET
-JAG-B feat Gemma Wood "Long Way To Fall" (voltaxx & mike kelly rmxs) JAG-B PRODUCTIONS
-Ben Manson "The Victor's Voices" (jean philips & mike kelly rmx) VAMOS
-Carlos Gallardo "Sevilla" (mike kelly & dylan naylor rmx)
-Kevin Delite & Frankie Mankuso "Get It Now" (mike kelly vs eastnwest cologne rmx) ONLY HOUSE MUSIC
-Nacho Chapado & Smaz "Trust In The Universe" (mike kelly vs eastnwest cologne rmx) GUAREBER
-Ivan Gomez "Your Love" (mike kelly sorry shoes rmx) GUAREBER           -Carol Hahn + Karin Nagi "You Have Rescued Me" (mike kelly & dylan naylor rmx) SOBEL
-Ivan Gomez "Get Well" (mike kelly sorry shoes rmx) GUAREBER
-Tom Marchant "Don´t Ft Lizzie France" (mike kelly vs eastnwest "cologne" rmxs) SORRY SHOES
-David Berna & Javier Rodriguez "Sweet Tribal" (jean philips & mike kelly rmx) (Biligual)
-Bruno M & Unik ft Ana Afonso "Sweet Deception" (mike kelly & unik global mix) (Loop128)
-Mike Ivy & Ellroy Clerk ft Joey Alvarado "Welcome To The Fiesta" (mike kelly sexy mix) (Sorry Shoes)
-Miguel Picasso feat Rebekka Brown "Show Me Your Love" (jean Philips & mike Kelly rmx) (Bedroom Muzik)
-Nacho Chapado & Sergi Vila feat Alhena Bay "Show Me Your Love" (jean philips & mike kelly stripped rmx) (Guareber Records Spain, 2010)
-Ismael Rivas "Clothes Off" (jean philips & mike kelly rmx)
-Bedrud - Sie Ist Elektrisch (jean philips & mike kelly rmx) (Rotfenstermuzik, 2010)
-Miguel Rendeiro "Journey" (jean philips & mike kelly rmx) (Sorry Shoes, 2010)
-D:Fuse & Hiratzka "In Suspense" (jean philips & mike kelly rmxs) (Lost Angeles Recordings USA)
-Taylor Square ft Katarina "Something In The Air" (jean philips & mike kelly rmxs) (Flashpoint Dance Australia/Sorry Shoes, 2009)
-MDX "Moment Of Confusion Between Man & Dog" (jean philips & mike kelly mix) (Long Distance, 2009)
-SKJG "Capanema" (jean philips & mike kelly rmx) (Kingdome Kome Cuts Germany, 2009)
-Exit Earth "The Sun" (jean philips & mike kelly rmxs (Sorry Shoes Germany, 2009)
-Alex Rodriguez "Funk You" (jean philips & mike kelly rmxs) (AU Records Portugal 2009)
FAKER - DANGEROUS (Giese & Mike Kelly rmx) 
-Paul Mac "State Of War (feat. Kira Puru & Goodwill)" (voltaxx & mike kelly rmx) 
-Miguel Picasso "Atmosphere" (Voltaxx & Mike Kelly rmx) + (Mike Kelly rmx)

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